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Using Your Time Wisely

Cynthia was expecting her husband to get back from his trip sooner, but of course, it was going on for longer. She had been hoping that they would be able to do something this weekend. It looked like his 24/7 work schedule was going to continue yet again and she would be home wishing he was a guy who worked from home.

She knew that her friend Lisa and her husband both worked from home and they had sex in the middle of the day, the afternoon, the evening, two in the morning, or any other point throughout the day where they had a lull in their schedules and where they had a lot of pent-up energy. She found herself aching with pleasure just thinking about them, but it was a sad sort of lust. She knew that her husband was never going to change.

Cynthia contacted her college friend Alina one day, and to her horror, she found herself discussing this issue at length. She expected Alina to think that she was unreasonable. To her surprise, not only did Alina understand, but she recommended that Cynthia try a male escort agency. Cynthia was shocked at first.

She’d never had anyone say anything like that before, and she had never seriously considered such a thing. However, Alina assured her that she had used this service herself, and she said that they truly delivered great results. She recommended that Cynthia get in contact with Antonio, which she did right away.

Antonio showed up at Cynthia’s door and she couldn’t believe how gorgeous he was. He was like every guy you’d ever see on the cover of a romance novel all rolled into one, except he was here. He was ready to do whatever she wanted, allowing her to make up for years of lost time. He was certainly able to do that.

The two of them were together all night long as Antonio seemed to pleasure every part of her body with the sort of passion that she could have never expected under these circumstances. She got the feeling that this was a man who truly had all the time in the world and that with him, it was almost as if time had stopped altogether or that it could never hinder anyone or any experience to begin with. This was like a world in which only her needs existed, and he met all of them. Visit at for more info.

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