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Over the last years I have explored my sexuality more consciously than ever before.

I followed my sexual intuition which had always guided me somewhat differently from what mainstream said how sex should look like according to Bromley Escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/bromley-escorts.

Today I will tell you the most important things I have discovered to an empowered sex life. This is personal, but my gift to you in hopes that it brings you some new insights.

A good sex life takes dedication – especially when you are in a long-term relationship. But when you do put in energy you can get out the most amazing sex you can ever imagine. Improving your sex life has countless amazing benefits for your relationship with your partner, yourself and life. Sex teaches us about the very essence of life.

In ancient sexology they used to say that sexual energy is spiritual energy. So in a way sex brings us closer to who we truly are. so let’s now dive into the secrets One of the most important things I realized is that Sex doesn’t start with sex  It doesn’t start when you touch boobs, butt, pussy or penis.

Sex start on the energetical level. It starts in the invisible. Sex with my man starts when I see that he takes care of himself, does sports and eats healthy. It’s a form of mental formplay when we consciously solve tension between the two of us, clear emotional clutter, inspire each other and are mindful with each other.

So babe..here’s is my tip: try to increase the consciousness and mindfulness in your relationship with your partner and yourself. Acknolwedge achievements of your partner. Be proud of your lover. Dive into personal development and take physically & mentally care of yourself.

If both of you are dedicated your sex life and relationship will get to the next level. When we talk about the physical act of sex I realized that the best sex for me starts with my mouth. I felt that through passionate kissing, oral sex and especially deep throating my sexual energy heightened much faster than if my man would caress right away my breasts or my pussy. Funny enough after this realization I held a book about ancient sexology wisdom in my hands and it explained exactly my discovery.

It said that in ancient Taoist Sexology a woman’s sexual energy naturally begins in her mouth. A particular gland in the woman’s mouth gets stimulated through kissing. The activated sexual energy then flows from the mouth, into the breasts and down into the vagina.

Here’s my tip: Start kissing passionately and then go down on your man. You ll soon notice how your sexual juices are flowing much more abundantly. When you honestly admire your lover’s penis, your lovers breasts, legs, skin, lips some real magic can happen. Admire especially those parts that your lover is insecure about. Through this practice your lover will become sexually more confident. The more confident your lover the better your lover will be able to let go.