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He Is A Gold Digger

I am not going to say that I have been really lucky in love. When I met Andrew I thought that I had met the love of my life, but sadly that turned out not to be the case. He was one of those guys who came across he would do anything for you, and after having worked for London escorts for ten years, he was a breathe of fresh air. We met almost as soon as I left London escorts, and it was one of those whirlwind romances. Despite the warnings from London escorts friends, I went ahead and married Andrew.

Before I left London escorts, I had spent some time working at a golf club in London during the weekends. If you like, I wanted a bit of a track record so when I finally left London escorts, I could say that I had a “legit” career. I had done well at London escorts and had no intention at all to blow all of the money I had made at the escort agency. I was not exactly rich, but with two apartments in London, I was pretty well off.

What I did not know was that Andrew had already clocked me before I left London escorts. This guy turned out to be a bit of ladies’ man and was actually more interested in what I had saved up in my bank account than anything else. One of the girls I had worked with at London escorts even told that she thought he was after my money. Of course, I was madly in love and would not believe me.The day which I thought was going to be the best day in my life, turned out to be the worst day in my life.

I was so happy, but Andrew had a certain look in eyes. I am not a mind reader so I could not tell what Andrew was thinking about, but something was certainly going on his head. Little did I know that he was planning to get his hands on my money.A couple of weeks later, I started to worry about Andrew’s spending habits.

He was always buying new clothes and then pleading poverty. Even though I had plenty of money in the bank from my charlotte London escorts days, I would dream of spending that sort of money. I felt that he was not contributing to our lives at all, and in the end, I told that he should not spend so much. A couple of days later, a more senior lady at the golf club asked if she could buy me a drink. It turned out that she had been in Andrew’s clutches as well, and when I heard her story, I recognized what was going on. I realised that Andrew was not in this marriage for love, he was in this marriage for everything that he could get out of it. Before things went any further, I got myself a good lawyer, and decided that I would rather be a single lady until I met a genuine man.