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When I left London escorts to go and live with a man I had met at the escort agency in London, I decided that it was about time he adopted a bit of a healthier lifestyle. Not that he was really badly overweight or anything like that. But as I told him, he was a little bit round around the edges meaning he had a little bit of a tummy on him. If you want a man to lose a little bit of weight, you don’t want to make it obvious as he may not like that.

Instead of feeding the poor man what he called rabbit food all of the time, I went out and bought a George Foreman grill from Boots cook shop. I had been interested in healthy cooking long before I joined London escorts, and I knew that there was a lot of healthy alternatives out there. Since I had lived on my own, I had not bought any low fat cooking tools, but now when I was in a relationship, I wanted to keep my man healthy, so I invested in a George Foreman grill and a steamer.

A couple of the girls I had worked with at London escorts had grills but I had never thought that they made good enough use of them. I knew that my partner loved steak, so the first meal I prepared on the George was a nice steak, grilled tomato and mushrooms. He loved it and did not have a clue that he was actually embarking on a bit of diet. That inspired me and I was soon checking out the website for other recipes.

However, I thought the recipes were kind of limited and I wanted to cook other things for my man. When I was still at London escorts, he had told me that he loved pancakes. I soon came up with any easy recipe for breakfast pancakes and he loved it. He thought that the pancakes had been in the frying pan, but in reality, they had not been anywhere near the frying pan. I did not tell him, but I did notice that he was beginning to look a lot fitter and healthier. He said that he felt better and had more energy but thought it was because I was living with him.

That was a couple of months ago. Now I am running my own healthy cooking websites and loving every minute of it. The man I left London escorts for think that I am a culinary genius. He is in great shape and loves his new skinny self. The other day I caught him looking at his tummy in the mirror. He has not said much about his weight loss but I can tell that he is feeling better. His libido has hit the roof, and if you would like to help your man to lose weight, the trick could be not to tell him. It seems to have worked for me, and I am sure that other ladies can apply the same techniques.

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